Home_driesvenplantDriesvenplant B.V.

Driesvenplant B.V. is a nursery for blueberry plants. They increases through microcuttings and invitro. The great advantage of this method is a fast and uniform growth.

The great advantage of this amplification method is that the plants have a very uniform and rapid growth. Which provides a high yield.

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home_driessen_blueberriesDriessen Blueberries B.V.

Driessen Blueberries B.V. is a modern production company for blueberries. The last two years the company has experienced strong growth, reached til 60 hectare. The biggest part of blueberries are used for the fresh market. Harvesting blueberries partly done manually and partly by machine.

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Fruit Focus 2016

This year we present ourselves for the first time at Fruit Focus.
The event wil be in Kent and take place on July 20, 2016.
We would like to welcome you during this day.