Pot sizes

D60_4202 BewerktWe deliver our blueberry plants in various pot sizes, as shown on the picture here.

  • P9
  • 15 cm pot, C1,6 liter
  • 17 cm pot, C2,0 liter
  • 19 cm pot, C3,0 liter
  • 21 cm pot, C4,5 liter

All varieties are available in these pot sizes.

Blueberries plants are sold from the nursery. Transport can be arranged by you and by us. For a new plantation we deliver in the months September til April. Large plants in pots are available throughout the year. Delivering blueberry plants with berries in the summer is also possible. Timely book your blueberry plants is recommended.

Also supply with pot cover, label or as a gift package possible, see photo’s below.

See our General delivery therms.