AuroraVery late season

American cultivar, ‘Brigitta Blue’ and ‘Elliott’ cross, inventor James F. Hancock, Michigan State University. Upright to semi-spreading habit. Mature shrub high 1.5 m, width 1.3 m. Self-fertile cultivar, but cross-pollination makes fruits bigger and better. Fruit length 1.1–.3 cm, width 1.4–.8 cm, average weight 1.5 g, powder-blue colour, small and dry pedicel scar. Comparing to ‘Elliott’ better firmness, flavor much better, longer storage life. Fruits can be eaten fresh, can be frozen, good for jam, jellies and yoghurt. ‘Aurora’ ripens few days after ‘Elliott’. Good resistance to anthracnose and both phases of mummy berry. Patent Number US PP15,185 P2, Date of Patent Sep. 28, 2004, CPVO –Application & Right granted File No. 2 005022 3.