All plants are propagated in vitro . The plant material therefore has a much stronger and steady growth. This is very important for new plantings. Read more →

All our plants grow on a container field. Whe use different pot sizes. The pot use a blueberry suitable peat medium. Eventually we sprinkle bark 8-15 mm which weeds and moss growth counteracts. Read more →

Ground operation
All plants grow on a container field. This happens in various pot sizes. In the pot whe use a blueberry suitable peat medium. Eventually the pot sprinkled with bark 8-15 mm which prevents weeds and moss. Read more →

Planting can be done manually or mechanically. Through a GPS-System the tractor will drive perfectly straight, so the plants are also planted perfectly straight. Three persons plants about 2 hectares per day. Read more →

The harvest can be manually or mechanically. In mechanical harvesting the machine travels over the bushes and vibrates to the bush which make the berries loose and fall on sticky traps, then be transported to the boxes. Whe have designed the Easy Harvester, a manual picking machine. For best quality manually harvest is the best method. This will give the least damage to the berries so that certain varieties can also be stored in long CA refrigeration cells (8 to 12 weeks). Read more →