Ground operation

In order to plant a plot blueberries, it is important that the plot is flat (leveling). This prevents wet spots. In wet soils drainage is recommended. Subsequently, the plant rows are turned off by means of a GPS system. Then we apply peat to the plant rows. It is important that the soil is provided with a light structure and at the same time this also causes acidification of the ground. Blueberries grow at a PH of 4.5 to 5. If the peat is applied we will dig it in the ground, about 25 cm deep. After this, the ridges (beds) are plowed.

Turf aanbrengen

Adding peat


Spit in

Ruggen omploegen

Backs plowing

There are two systems:

  1. Ridge with plastic film.This prevents weed growth on the bed the first few years. There is chosen plastic film because it is always available and cheaper than anti-root fabric. This foil can be obtained also with plant holes in it.
  2. Ridge covered with woodchips. Woodchips reduce weed growth on the bed, and evaporation of water. The beds dry in hot weather is not so fast. With each row are two drip hoses on both sides of the plant. This ensures an optimum distribution of water in the beds. Fertig honor is immediately possible by this system. The application of foil and is drip tubes in one operation to do with a foil layer. Then your ready for planting.

Film work: